"My passion for picture started early in life. First I learned about the making of films as a way to enter filmindustry. This path led me, after many years of studies and experiences from different areas, to become a professional photographer. My working fields are widespread containing various areas from advertising to cultural photo-reportage" says Jimmy Powell.  
      "It also led me to different parts of the world. My cameras have faced and immortalized people, animals and environments from several continents. Paris is worth mentioning as one of the most inspiring places where I worked in the fashion- and advertising industries.".
    Today he operates from Munich and New York, nationally and internationally as a film director as well as a cameraman and photographer for clients like Elle and Harper´s Bazar.  
      "I find it inspiring to work with different forms of media. I regard problems as a challenge and important ingredients in the dynamic process of my creative photowork" he concludes..
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